The Hospital Strategy Project: Module 1

As discussed in an earlier post, in 1996 the Hospital Strategy Project produced a lengthy and detailed report based on year-long national consultations with government officials and other experts in South Africa.  The report, which was commissioned by South Africa’s National Department of Health and funded by the European Union, set out ‘A Vision and Strategy for South Africa’s Public Hospitals.’ 

Fifteen years later, many of the Hospital Strategy Project’s recommendations remain pertinent, although some need to be updated in light of current circumstances.

Although the report is technically in the public domain, it is very difficult to access hard copies, let alone electronic versions.  Over the coming weeks I will try to upload as many of the component parts of the report as I can access.  I have already uploaded Module 2 (which deals with strengthening hospital management).  Today I am starting with Module 1 which deals with national affordability guidelines for hospital service delivery (see links below).  Unfortunately some of the components are missing as the original electronic files have been damaged, or I am uncertain whether I have the final version.

If you use any information from these reports, please acknowledge the source: 

Monitor Company, Health Partners International, Centre for Health Policy and National Labour and Economic Development Institute.  1996.  Module 1:  Development of National Affordability Guidelines for Hospital Service Delivery.  In:  Achieving equity, efficiency and accountability: a vision and strategy for South Africa’s public hospitals. Final report of the Hospital Strategy Project.  Johannesburg:  Monitor Company.

– Contents of Module 1

– Development of National Affordability Guidelines for Hospital Service Delivery:  Final Report  1 Affordability Guidelines MOD1SU~1

Appendix 1:  Report on the first meeting of working group on national affordability guidelines for hospital services, September 1995

Appendix 2:  Planning hospital services:  the role of national affordability guidelines

Appendix 3:  Defining hospitals by level of care:  towards a consensus position

Appendix 4:  Priorities for restructuring referral hospitals in support of hospital reform

Appendix 5:  A measuring tool to determine the personnel expenditure per unit output in complex hospitals

Appendix 6:  Use of indicators of hospital service provision, utilisation and efficiency

Appendix 7:  Introduction to guidelines for district hospitals

Appendix 8:  Guidelines for organisational characteristics of patient care in a district hospital

Appendix 9:  Guidelines for site lay-out and inter-relation between various departments of district hospitals

Appendix 10:  Guidelines for health professional departments or services in a district hospital

Appendix 11:  Guidelines for support services in a district hospital

Appendix 12:  Level II care:  structure and function

Appendix 13:  Level III care

Appendix 14:  Guidelines for human resources planning of hospital services

Appendix 15:  Hospital performance indicators  APP15H~1

Appendix 16:  Improving the quality of care in public hospitals

Appendix 17:  Clinical guidelines and referral routes

Appendix 18:  Developing a capital investment and maintenance plan for hospitals:Strategy and Issues APP18C~1

    • Appendix 1:  Guiding principles for a capital development programme for PHC services APP18A~1
    • Appendix 2:  Criteria for determining priorities for capital developments at PHC facilities  APP18B~1
    • Appendix 3:  The use of criteria for the priority ranking of health facilities (including Tables 1-3)  APP18C~2 plus Table 4

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