Health sector reform in South Africa: perspectives from the Centre for Health Policy

The Centre for Health Policy, where I used to work, has just edited a special supplement of the Journal of Public Health Policy (Volume 32, Supplement 1, 2011).  The articles may be downloaded for free from the journal’s website.

The titles of the original articles and commentaries are as follows:

  • Strengthening health systems for equity and social justice in South Africa: The 24th anniversary of the Centre for Health Policy
  • Research in support of health systems transformation in South Africa: The experience of the Centre for Health Policy 
  • Population health in South Africa: Dynamics over the past two decades 
  • Environment and health in South Africa: Gains, losses, and opportunities 
  • Linking public health training and health systems development in sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities for improvement and collaboration 
  • Exploring antiretroviral treatment adherence in an urban setting in South Africa 
  • Occupational lung disease in the South African mining industry: Research and policy implementation 
  • Analyzing the implementation of the rural allowance in hospitals in North West Province, South Africa 
  • Exploring task-shifting practices in antiretroviral treatment facilities in the Free State Province, South Africa 
  • Inequities in access to health care in South Africa 
  • Utilization of traditional healers in South Africa and costs to patients: Findings from a national household survey You become afraid to tell them that you are gay: Health service utilization by men who have sex with men in South African cities
  • Exploring perceptions of HIV risk and health service access among Zimbabwean migrant women in Johannesburg: A gap in health policy in South Africa?
  • Social solidarity and civil servants’ willingness for financial cross-subsidization in South Africa: Implications for health financing reform 
  • Reflections on health-care reforms in South Africa 

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