NHI Snippets: Introduction

A Happy New Year to you all!

2012 is an important year for the South African health system as it will see the first steps in the implementation of the government’s National Health Insurance proposal.  These first steps include pilot sites to develop the design of NHI and test its feasibility.

NHI has the potential to reform the health system in fundamental ways.  It is also a complex reform that requires sustained effort, skill and ingenuity.

Why is NHI being proposed for South Africa?  Is NHI the best solution to South Africa’s health problems?  What design features or processes would make NHI work well?

South Africans need to debate these and other questions in order to ensure the best health outcomes for our country.  I would like to contribute to this debate by making available research evidence – from South Africa and elsewhere – that is in an easy-to-understand format and focussed on clarifying the debate. 

So I am starting a new series of blog posts under the heading ‘NHI Snippets.’  I will write a new ‘Snippet’ every Sunday, beginning with the concept of ‘universal health care coverage.’  I hope that with time some of you will respond to these ‘Snippets’ with information and ideas of your own.

My blog will NOT promote a specific policy or seek to answer all possible questions.

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