NHI Snippets (5): The government’s green paper on NHI

Some of you who have been following my ‘NHI Snippets’ blog may be feeling frustrated because I haven’t yet summarised the government’s NHI proposal or begun to analyse its strengths and weaknesses.

Please be patient! – I’m trying to set down some background information so that we can have an informed discussion. 

In the meantime, if you want to read the National Department of Health’s Green Paper on National Health Insurance in South Africa, you can find it here on the Department’s website.

The same website also has as useful summary of the main implications of the Green paper which can find here.

When discussing a reform as potentially wide-ranging as NHI I think it is important to have read the original documentation!

2 thoughts on “NHI Snippets (5): The government’s green paper on NHI

  1. Hi, would like to mention that SAMA has submitted comment on the NHI Green paper and can be found on their website at http://www.samedical.org. It discusses important topics, including HR and provision of health services, healthcare package, funding and reimbursement, coding, and timeframes, Various interest groups in SAMA has also responded including SAMA committe for public sector doctors (CPSD), JUDASA, SAMA General private practise practitioners (GPPPC), the law and ethics committee and the specialists private committee.

    • Thanks, Wim. Your message will appear as a comment on my blog. Once I have got to the stage of explaining the government’s current proposal, I will draw attention to the critiques of the proposal and refer to the SAMA position once again (as well as that of Alex van den Heever who has also given me his critique to upload). I will then comment on these critiques.

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