Building capacity for priority-setting

Colleagues and I have just published a new article in the journal, Global Health Action.

It is titled Strengthening expertise for health technology assessment and priority-setting in Africa.

As the article explains, “The focus on priority-setting is in response to the urgent need to ensure scarce resources are used effectively in support of Universal Health Coverage, and the scant literature discussing how technical economic evaluations should be integrated into highly political and complex priority-setting processes. Researchers’ roles in developing capacity in these areas are highlighted because few African governments have technology assessment units that can take responsibility for driving formal priority-setting processes.”

Training health system leaders

One of the key reasons for weak public health systems is poor leadership.

It is urgent to up-skill aspirant leaders if countries want to achieve universal health coverage.

Here are some tips on how to do this in a way that is sensitive to the needs of workplaces:

Doherty J, Gilson L. 2015. Workplace-based learning for health systems leaders. London: RESYST Consortium. 


Leadership from ‘below:’ clinical staff and public hospitals in South Africa

Here is the link for a briefing document I produced recently on the topic of clinical leadership:

Doherty J. 2014. Leadership from ‘below:’ clinical staff and public hospitals in South Africa. Briefing note No. 4. Municipal Services Project. Available at:



Developing clinical leadership as a strategy for hospital transformation at district level

Here is the poster I presented last week at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, International Convention Centre, Cape Town, 1-3 October:  Jane Doherty

It summarises findings from a study on developing clinical leadership as a strategy for hospital transformation in district hospitals.

Hospital Management in South Africa

Recently I have had a number of requests for information on hospital management in South Africa.

Here is a summary (with links) of where to find the information of which I am aware. Of course there may be more sources out there in cyberspace – if anyone knows of some useful additions, please alert me to them in a comment on this post.

I hope this helps!


Leadership from ‘below’?: clinical staff and public hospitals in South Africa

In earlier posts I’ve referred to two relatively lengthy reports on clinical leadership – one a literature review and the other reporting findings from interviews with clinical leaders in South African district hospitals.

The main findings from these reports are now summarised in a policy note that is applicable to practitioners from other sectors.