Clinical leadership: a literature review

Here is a review of international and South African  literature on the concept of clinical leadership in hospitals: Strengthening clinical leadership in hospitals: a review of international and South African literature

The review was conducted for the Municipal Services Project which is located at the School of Government, University of the Western Cape, Republic of South Africa, and funded by the International Development Research Centre of Canada.

Partnering professional leadership with good management

A colleague drew my attention to this blog post by Becky Malby, Director of the Centre for Innovation in Health Management at Leeds University in the UK:  The potential of UK/South Africa collaboration in health leadership and management.

In the blog she reflects on her recent visit to South Africa and suggests some priorities for health system transformation which I find refreshing.

Her suggestions speak to the issue of how to restore order to a highly complex and sometimes floundering health system: should (and can) order be imposed from above or are more local, dynamic solutions required?

Harnessing clinical academic leadership to transform rural health systems

Here are the powerpoint slides for a presentation I gave on behalf of colleagues at the most recent Prince Mahidol Award Conference which was held in Thailand between 27 and 31 January 2014.

The theme of the conference “Transformative Learning for Health Equity” and it focused on issues around the production of human resources to achieve universal health coverage. You can look at more presentations from the conference on the conference website.

The title of our paper was:  Doherty J, Couper I, Campbell D, Walker J. 2014. Transforming rural health systems through clinical academic leadership: lessons from South Africa:  PS2.1 Jane Doherty


Getting South Africa ready for National Health Insurance: critical next steps

Here are the powerpoint slides for a recent presentation I gave about National Health Insurance to a Symposium by Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) on 6 February 2014:   ERSA NHI presentation_Jane Doherty 

The theme of the Symposium was “Critical choices regarding universal health coverage” and it was held at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study.

My presentation was titled “Getting South Africa ready for NHI: critical next steps.” 

If you look on ERSA’s website you will find more details on the Symposium.

Developing clinical leadership in support of rural health systems

My colleagues – Ian Couper, David Campbell and Judi Walker – and I have just published a new article in Rural and Remote Health.

It is called “Transforming rural health systems through clinical academic leadership: lessons from South Africa.”

Here is the PDF version:  RRH article_clinical academic leadership.

Health Systems Knowledge Network report

It’s come to my attention that the final report of the Health Systems Knowledge Network of WHO’s Commission on the Social Determinants Health is not readily available online.

Here is the full final report:  HSKN Full report

Here is the condensed version of the final report (an extended executive summary):  HSKN Condensed Report Cover A3; HSKN Condensed report

Here is the policy brief:  HSKN A5 Leaflet