This page lists the research that I (together with colleagues)  have done relating to Hospital planning and management in South Africa.

Links to open-source documents are provided. Contact me if you would like access to an unpublished report.

Note that I have uploaded the full set of reports from South Africa’s Hospital Strategy Project onto this site as they do not seem to be available elsewhere. You can find them linked to my blog posts on the Home page, grouped under the category ‘Hospitals.’


  1. Doherty J. 2014. Leadership from ‘below:’ clinical staff and public hospitals in South Africa. Briefing note No. 4. Municipal Services Project.
  2. Doherty J. 2014. Improving public hospitals through effective clinical leadership: lessons from South Africa. Johannesburg: Centre for Rural Health (University of the Witwatersrand) for the Municipal Services Project (University of the Western Cape).
  3. Doherty J. 2013. Strengthening clinical leadership in hospitals: a review of the international and South African literature. Johannesburg: Centre for Rural Health (University of the Witwatersrand) for the Municipal Services Project (University of the Western Cape).
  4. Doherty J.  2011.  Towards a ‘People’s Hospital:’  Lessons from the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Transformation Project.  An evaluation report produced for the Surgery Division, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
  5. Doherty J.  2005.  Training doctors in the clinical setting:  challenges facing clinicians.  A report prepared for the Committee of Deans of Health Sciences Faculties.  (unpublished report available from the author)
  6. Doherty J, Kraus R, Herbst K.  1996.  Health facilities.  In:  Harrison, D (ed). 1996. South African Health Review, 1996.  Durban:  Health Systems Trust.
  7. Monitor Company, Health Partners International, Centre for Health Policy, National Labour and Economic Development Institute.  1996.  Module 1:  National affordability guidelines for hospital service delivery  (Volume 2 of “Achieving equity, efficiency and accountability:  a vision and strategy for South Africa’s public hospitals”, the final report of the Hospital Strategy Project).  Johannesburg:  The Hospital Strategy Project.  [Other volumes are also available: together they lay out a comprehensive policy on hospital reform. Check my blog posts under the category ‘Hospitals’ for links to the full set of Hospital Strategy Project reports.]
  8. Abbott G, Broomberg J, Doherty J, Jones M.  1994.  Report of the independent evaluators on the redevelopment of the Pretoria academic hospital.  Pretoria:  Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research.
  9. Doherty J.  1994.  Academic hospitals and the national health system:  a complex problem.   Nursing RSA 1994;  9(1):  24-25 and  SA Practice Medicine15(1):  2-3.
  10. Doherty J.  1994.  The distribution of health expenditure between levels of care:  a literature review.  National Health Expenditure Review, Technical paper No. 2.  Durban:  Health Systems Trust. 
  11. Doherty J, Beattie A, Price M.  1993.  Tertiary care.  Consultation to the Health Task Team of the Central Witwatersrand Metropolitan Chamber. (unpublished report)



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